Fave MST3K Quote...

My husband lives, eats, breathes, and bathes in MST3K...I've seen this movie a hundred times over. My most-est favorite-ist quote from this one is when Crow asks..."Why do they wear helmets...in case they land on thier heads?" Funny stuff!!

"Is my hair too shiny?"~Charlotte York, Sex in the City


Servo: "I see here, the director's beginning to lose control of the film. It's typical of young directors - too many good ideas, or in this case, none at all."



Crow: "Coffee? That's better than sex!"

Crow, towards the end when frankie and suzy are being chased: "We saw you folks in the vicinity, so we're killin' ya!"

Or how about the industrial arts short at the beginning, where all of the students are sitting around listening to the phys. ed teacher - "The semi-nude club!"


Servo: "More terrifying than 'Airport '77'!"

Servo: "I'm sorry, I thought it was the car."

Servo: "Looks like she's from Middle Earth."

Beth: "Or maybe we're scared."
Crow: "Maybe we're dumb."


As a skydiver leans back and exposes his butt to the camera:
Mike/bot: Hey, here, take a look at that! That's what you want isn't it?! There's plenty more where that came from!

Also, from the industrial arts short:
Narrator: [list of tools ending with] or a chisel.
Tom: What about girls, young man, GIRLS?
Mike: No, no, chisel.
That doesn't really translate to text very well, but it makes me laugh every time.

Underneath the haughty there's a little bit of naughty.


"Look, the tall one's back!"


My favorite: "Frolicking has never been so depressing!"


No honestly it's all about

I want the one with the dark hair to win!
I want them both to win because i carae so deeply for them as characters

that and

hey why'd you take so long in there, were you sleeping with the druggist
no dear, just your standard acid purchase
whyd you take so long
oh you know credit applications and such


"Look it's Pat Buchanan and he's got a gun"-Crow.

MacReady: Trust is a tough thing to come by these days.-The Thing 1982


Sex for sundries is fun, hey, sex for sundries is fun!

Man in helicopter points to the ground
"That's the ground right?"
Waves finger in circular motion
"Drinks all around."

"Coffee? I like coffee."
Mike-Thus we peer into the complex inner workings of this character.

We saw you in the vicinity, so... we're killing you.

Piggy back!? I like it, let's take it to Broadway!


CROW: So, how long have you liked coffee?

TOM: Where is it, your coffee?


"They're going up to 50,000 feet!"

MIKE: [Jon Lovitz] Yeah, *that's* the ticket...


TOM: I'm Huck Finn, I tell you!


MIKE: Here's a tip, fella, don't buy the Tommy Kirk workout video.


TOM: [imitating drunk boater] Shabadooadeebab...!


CROW: She's wearing Huggies!

MIKE: Why are they cranking the Rimskey-Korsakov?

ALL: [in time with background music] Hey....hey-hey! Hey....hey-hey!


MIKE: She's got teeth like a Ferengi.


Crow (I think): Brought to you in Despair-Vision.


Crow - "All right,double whip-out at fifteen thousand feet!"

Crow - "Should I be gaining speeeeeddddd!!!"

Mike - with a big plain behind the dancers "Hi, I'm Petey's dad, Petey's off on another big adventure, I'll keep an eye out for Communism."

Mike - (industrial arts short) "The piercing scream of a freshman"



Servo: Do we have frontier justice in this town?

The short about industrial arts was a riot. I loved Crow's comment at the end: "This is the film the guys watched while the girls went to the gym and watched the OTHER film."

Always be yourself, and wave your freak flag high. -TV's Frank


"You could jimmy door locks with his face."
CROW(urgently): "Jimmy Doorlocks."

"It's like a Scottish version of 'Fiddler On the Roof'".

"Er, Frank, you're kissing an ant-hill..."

"It hurts to witness things!"

"And the Pet Shop Boys have creative differences."

(frontal shot of car going up road) "Manos!"

"A stranger comes to town, touches no-one's lives, then leaves."

"Even the soundtrack's making coffee!"

"Terror at sea level!"

"It's a great kettle of googies!"

"I'm thinking heroin has hit this town in a big way."

"Where is it, your coffee?"

(spastic dancing at the twist party)
"It's an episode!"
"Somebody put a tongue under his wallet!"


Mike: I just betcha she smells like Marlboros and Arpege and Juicy Fruit and body odor.


"Jeez, Dylan Thomas was in here last week and didn't drink this much"

"How stable is a skydiving based economy?"

"Her helmet shifted!"

"Honey, just because a hairstyle is in doesn't mean it's right for you"

"Are you chicken Frankie?"..."Well, let's see. I don't have a comb, or a gizzard, but sometimes I eat gravel to digest my food"



During the Industrial Arts short there's footage of a steel worker in a foundry operating a huge bucket of molten metal.

Mike (I think) sings: "Oh, you never would believe where those Keibler Cookies come from!"

I break up everytime I see that. :o)


Suzy: "Will I see you tomorrow, Harry?"
Mike: "Well you'll have to ask the editor."

Harry: "I can't tomorrow."
Crow: "I have a headache... tomorrow."

I use that line at least once a week, makes me crack up every time!

No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater...than central air.