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The Confession Scene-Spoilers

The Confession scene is one of my favorite. The viewer learns of Cathy's fate via a still-freeze photo, a jump shot and a story jump to Tome's confession. Amazing technique.

The Confession scene also shows that Tome is self-aware & conscious of her actions, she's is not merely an unconscious insect striving to survive. It also shows that the societal structure (almost feudalistic) and lack of opportunity for the poor (women particularly) has lead her to put her survival instinct on autopilot and leave her moral compass in a secondary position.

During & after Tome's Confession, the Sect Leader deals harshly with her, shows no compassion and continues to punish by stating she is generationally condemned by the sin of lust. With little hope for redemption, Tome eventually chooses to continue burrowing, like an insect, a dung beetle, thru the muck & mire.

The only compassionate person at the confessional Sect meeting, who gave a sense of hope, turns out to be a Madam. Soon, we realize the Madam is the devil in disguise, attending these meetings to find & prey on vulnerable down-and-outs.

The film is a dark and timeless tale of searching for redemption in the midst of evil and betrayal. The cinematography is beautiful and engaging. Thank you, TCM!