I love this film

I love this film. It is such a feel good movie.

The color (Technicolor? De Luxe?) is so pretty, and representative of that era of film-making. I haven't seen Jo Anne Woodward in much (besides another of my favorites, "The Long Hot Summer"), so it's always nice to catch this film when I can.

The Paris setting is romantic, and the fashions -- and their quality! -- during this era are breathtaking.

Two thumbs up (one on each hand) for this flick!


I'm glad to hear you don't have two thumbs on one hand.

I found this delightful as well. It covers standard romantic-comedy ground but the colorful presentation and colorful characters – both main and supporting – made this irresistible. The art direction was terrific, and it had a fair amount of double entendre for some naughty chuckles. I'd venture to say that this is one of Eva Gabor best roles, though that field is rather narrow.

It's not one of Paul Newman's (or Joanne Woodward's) weightier films, but it's a great pick-me-up on a down day. 8/10 stars from me.


I liked the song and the way Newman and Woodward looked. That's it.

I saw three dusters...inside the dusters were three men, inside the men were three bullets.


Replying eight years later, cymcinto and I agree - One of my favorites. A light-hearted romp and all the acting is excellent. Newman and Woodward on top of their game as usual. Plus, the supporting cast is great, especially Thelma Ritter, one of my favorites.

I suggest watching Joanne in her award winning " The Three Faces of Eve " - outstanding.
I agree she sparkled in " The Long Hot Summer ".