Please watch this film and tell me that if done right it wouldn't be a hilarious movie. I believe if this is done as western comedy; which is a genre not stacked with movies lately... that it would be funny, relevant, and a great homage to that time period and the type of movies that were made. This movie represents a certain comedic attitude from the period brought to life by john wayne. I already have an opening to suggest for this script.... i hope writers read this. at this time especially after true grit was updated, it would seem very possible for a remake. I hope that hollywood somehow notices this post and will consider the possibility to bring back that old humor to a time where it would be appreciated. all i want is to see this movie in a new light with old influences. It's time for another western/comedy/romance people!!! and this is a great candidate!!!!!!!!!!


I'm thinking it would make a great stage play.




Tell that to the Coen Brothers. lol

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Well, I'd love to see a remake of "McLintock!" (1963), but you would have to fight the now-entrenched feminist lobby for the right to make such a film.

I'm old enough to have seen the original in a theater, and in 1963 there were plenty of feminine laughs in the audience when the big spanking scene appeared on the screen. But I am not sure that among today's hatred-filled feminists, many women would be pleased to see G.W. McLintock put his leading lady over his lap -- in public -- and whale the tar out of her deserving backside. Face it, that was the most popular scene in the original "McLintock!", and no one would take a remake seriously without that scene in it.

Still, we know that the film that brought John Wayne the Oscar, "True Grit" (1969), also had a spanking scene, with Glenn Campbell spanking the young Kim Darby; and that scene is still present in the 2010 remake of that film, this time with Matt Damon spanking the young Hailee Stanfield. And truth be told, to my eyes that scene plays much better in the 2010 version.

So, it may be possible to mount a remake of "McLintock!", but only if the filmmakers fashion it so that it carries a pro-feminist message.

There haven't been many 21st century films that feature spankings of a grown female -- though "Secretary" (2002) and "A Dangerous Method" (2011) do come to mind -- and such scenes have completely disappeared from broadcast television. If any filmmaker wants to do a remake of "McLintock!" it would have to be skillfully done, with an eye to the feminist views that are so prevalent these days.


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