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Richard Basehart's Bath Towel

When the Mayan's are establishing themselves at their new coastal settlement and building their new pyramid, Ah Min the high priest climbs the pyramid and first talks to Ixchel and later has an extended chat to Balem back on the ground.

Have a look at what he's wearing thrown over his left shoulder. It looks like he's just come back from the beach after a morning swim.



He was a very fine actor and I have many happy memories of his various roles, the most obvious being Admiral Nelson in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

But this one was one out of the box; somewhat akin to John Wayne's appearance as a Roman centurion in the Greatest Story Ever Told. Like you said, "beyond comprehension".


Due to that towel and the casting of Chakiris, the film was originally titled "Fruits of the Loom."
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