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Terrible Horror/Comedy movie

Pat Boone was in it, that should say it all there. Suprisingly, his acting was not too bad. The movie itself was a mess, going from one scene to another making little sense.

The ending was a roll your eyes moment when you say to yourself-why did i watch this all the way through.

3 out of a 10.


I'm torturing myself right now. Glad it's at least under 90 minutes.


Eh, it wasn't that bad... It kept my attention at least, and a few of the characters were amusing. Certainly not a complete success, but a lot better than some horror/comedies that are out there.

And yes, the short running time helps.

To a new world of gods and monsters!


You've got to love the British film industry, particularly back in the 1960's. Although I abhor Pat Boone for his sanctimonious mindset, he seemed to join the Brits in not taking such lowbrow camp seriously. I think they probably had a jolly good time making this merry mischief. That "Vampira" clone got the most mileage from just an eyebrow pencil ever achieved with so little.