Judy Henske


Thanks to TMC or I would have never heard this person sing

she has a few clips on you tube.



I saw this movie on TCM a couple of years ago. I had never heard of Judy Henske before, and she just blew me away, especially on "Wade in the Water".
I bought her CD from 1964, "High Flying Bird". There is another one by the same title, but the one I have is the one where she's standing between 2 big rocks in the cover picture. The whole CD is incredible, but if you can listen to her sing the title song and not break down, you're a stronger person than I!
Her albums can be found at ccmusic.com.



Me too. Maybe it was because I was just about a year old at the time.

BTW-Wade on the Water is also in our Catholic hymn (missal) book and we do sing it once in a while. I'm probably one of the very few who actually know this song.

This movie is available on DVD and I have it.