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Nine years on, a bit wearing

I quite enjoyed Doctor in the House and Doctor at Large, but found this offering in the Doctor series, some nine years after the original, a bit tiresome. Dirk Bogarde is sexy and charming as usual, but the Simon Sparrow character seemed more likable when he was naive and bumbling and not the model-chasing, rather jaded playboy doctor he portrays here. It was interesting to see the relationship between Sparrow and Sir Lancelot Spratt had evolved into peers from teacher/student, and James Robertson Justice's sputtering and thundering as the rotund Spratt was amusing as always. I also enjoyed spotting Christopher Beeny, Edward from Upstairs, Downstairs, in an uncredited role as a medical student with a pompadour hairdo with two lines, "Oh, yes," and "Forty."

Am I anywhere near the imaginary cliff?


It was nice to see the newer actors like Beeny and Richard Briers in this.

Its that man again!!


I also liked the Sparrow and Sir Lancelot dynamic in this film. But it's annoying the female medical student is unlisted. She had little to do except make eyes, from behind the heavy black specs, at Dr Sparrow but she did it very prettily.