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Billy Liar- would be serial killer!

The most alarming thing about Billy now, looking back at the film, is that, viewing his many violent fantasies about gunning down those who anger him, he may well have ended up a serial killer! He is strongly introverted and repressed with a strong fantasy life. Whose to say how his life may have gone by the late 70's?
Sadly, the streets of London are cluttered with alcoholic and drug-addled travesties of those who followed Billy's path to the smoke. London's anti-social nature tends to conspire against would-be Billy's. I tend to think that Julie Christie's character was a prick-teaser anyway.


Never occured to me that there was anything unusual about that particular fantasy. When his family is niggling him first thing in the morning and he suddenly snaps to an imagining of gunning them down I joked to my wife "Well, there can't be many of us who haven't felt like that from time to time". He didn't have any violent tendencies at all in the real world. Oh! Actually he threw his girlfriend's orange... but I don't think orange-throwing is a gateway to serial-killing.

I also don't think he was "strongly introverted". Introverted people don't get engaged to three girls at the same time, or wangle their way into the hotel lobby to talk ask a comedian for a job.


No, a childish prankster, sure. Egging homes, breaking windows, but, serial killing? No way.

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