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Switch from NYC to California--When?

I keep reading that The Patty Duke Show switched production to California somewhere during the third (and final) season, but does anyone know when? I've looked at the different episodic casts for some of the early episodes of the 1965-66 season, and each actor/actress seems to have been born (and in some cases, also died) in California.

Does anyone have any further information on this?


I can only say that the evidence you cite, as I've noticed myself, would indicate that the entire third season was produced in California. And it's right in the first aired episode of the season that the new "tree-lined suburban street" setting of the Lane house is shown, which was a product of the new locale. This may not have been the very first episode filmed, but another clue of the "bad hair" cast shot of Jean Byron (used for only a handful of the early episodes of the season) coming from this episode, certainly suggests that it WAS the first filmed; besides there really being no episode that appears NOT to have been shot there -- adding up to their ALL being shot in California.