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Do You Trust Your Daughter?

Couldn't he see her bed had been slept in?

I watched to see the bed was shown and it was.


This episode was tiresome. Usually the father is pretty fair in his views and gives people a chance but here he was clearly dictatorial.


I can understand your point about his unfairness in this episode and how unwilling he was to even hear her explanation but other than that the episode was quite good because of Patty's incredible acting. Her reaction to him all throughout was perfect and the ending showing her transition from being so hurt at his not trusting her to seeing her reacting to his singing to remembering their relationship, and to the point of forgiving him was so moving. Her tears over that conflicting emotion were easy to relate to.


The whole episode was contrived to set up the big dramatic scenes. Of course he would have seen that the bed had been slept in when he looked for her.

Furthermore, if he had just spoken directly, the way he normally did, the next morning, the whole episode would have been over. Instead, he presented only his conclusion (that she was late) and when she insisted she was home by midnight--not knowing what he had seen, Martin got mad and didn't give her a chance to explain--which is what upset Patty so much.

Logically, he would have said, "Patty, I happened to wake up early this morning and saw the porch light still on--long after midnight. I checked your room and you weren't in. Would you like to tell us why you got home so late?"

Patty would have explained and the show would have been over.

It was probably the least funny episode of the series--but purposely so, because there were, at most, two lines designed to make us chuckle--one real early, one during the tag scene at the end. Nothing in between was supposed to be funny as the writer(s) went straight for drama here.

Why don't we just shoot 'em down and be through with it?


Indeed, I find the serious tone of this episode very unappealing.