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Feeling the Mid 60's Era of the Show

The clothes, fads, music, and dialogue really capture the Mid 60's to the max. I don't think any other show of that time did all that. Cathy being from England was a great concept because we were in the British Evasion era, The hip hugger mini skirts, Capri pants were a big part of the fashion scene. The flip and bee hive hair do's were the rage. Patty's slang was pretty common too. The Princess phones and the hair dryers with the hoses and bonnets were the primary gadgets in every household with a teenage girl. (those bonnets got so hot and my hair started smell from the material) The guests were top recording and tv stars, like Frankie Avalon and The Shindogs.

Every time I watch the show, it brings be back to my pre-teen years.


You are spot on! And remember Sal Mineo and Chad and Jeremy!