Marlo Thomas

....appears in the "Miss Jekyll and Hyde" episode as a nerdy science student whose beauty is covered by glasses, a bad hairdo and baggy clothes. "Uncle Martin" tells her that she's a "coward" for not realizing that she could be a beautiful woman and competing with other women on that level. Instead, she stresses her intelligence, where other women can't compete. He helps her beautify herself and bring out her sex appeal and she achieves happiness.

I wonder how Marlo, a strong feminist, feels about the theme of this episode now?

The past is a series of presents. The present is living history we are privileged to witness


Starting out, it was probably just another job for her to get her resume filled up.

She also portrayed an Asian girl on an episode of Bonanza, which was common back then for actors to do so.

There are other actresses who played 'ditzies' on tv, then with 'feminism' they suddenly became strong, sassy and tough (Elaine Joyce was one of the most surprising for me. I always saw her as the brassy game show lady with her husband Bobby Van in the seventies, then saw her on Green Acres as the dumb blonde type. Performance yes, but it was the transition of the times.

So Marlo would hardly be the only one who did this back then.