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3rd Season of My Favorite Martian

I have purchased the third season dvd from Umbrella Entertainment.The extras are fantastic,and its nice to see the show in color.But I can see why the third season was the last.The show lost its heart.The episodes centered on Martins gadgets,such as his time machine.The first two seasons had many touching moments,such as when an orphaned girl taught Martin the true meaning of childhood,or the episode when Martin saw the humanity inside of Tims crusty old teacher,or the one when Martin realized that Mrs.Brown was lonely and told her how she could combat her loneliness.Martin and Tim may have been like family,but on the first two seasons,Mrs. Brown was also part of their family.On the third season,the obnoxious Brennan was always around,and much of the interplay between Martin,Tim,and Mrs.Brown was gone.And i hated the "Stop The Presses" episode where Mrs. Browns "Sixth Sense",acquired by another failed Martin gadget,allows her to become a reporter and make Tim lose his job.Mrs. Brown was Tims loyal friend!She would never do that to him!I can also see why Walston complained about the silliness of much of the third seasons scripts.Despite all this,this dvd is still worth the money,especially for Pamelas home movies on the set.The reissue of the first season is due in March 2008,and the extras will include more of her movies.I am looking forward to buying it.


I just watched My Nut Cup Runneth Over and yes, it was absolutely silly. It is interesting how shows make a transition over a number of years and yes, while I'm enjoying it in color, I can see how it went 'downhill' and became ridiculous.

What I especially compare this one to (a squirrel becoming a man) is an early episode in which a rabbit was supposed to be 'humanized' and it was a person in an ugly rabbit costume, making horrible noises.

I also see there were 'gadgets' that took over the show more in the later episodes.

Martin made references to Bewitched at least twice, so much like Lost In Space did against Batman, it seems My Favorite Martian must have been trying to emulate Bewitched in some manner, with Brennan becoming the Gladys Kravitz of the show?

it is intriguing to think of many of these programs airing together; Martian, Lost In Space, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Batman, Petticoat Junction, Hillbillies and so on.

I wish Martian had more going for it at times, but then I also do that with Lost In Space.


yes, it is easy to see how it ran its course,silly gadgets and time travel. unlike bewitched this show didn't develop many other characters. by the end it seemed like a live action peabody and sherman.


That's what it seemed like to me too in the later episodes, My Favorite Martian was trying to be like Bewitched.

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