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Doesn't get enough credit.

This show does not get enough credit for being the original successful magical show. It seems some Bewitched fans feel that Jeannie "ripped off" Bewitched. In that case, it's on fair to say that Bewitched ripped off My Favorite Martian.

My Favorite Martian started in 1963 on CBS.

Bewitched was ABC's answer to My Favorite Martian and premiered the following year in 1964.


How does it not get enough credit?

Plus what do you expect from it.


looks like it inspired Mork and Mindy. Yes Mork and Mindy premiered in the 1970's. Much more restrained than Williams and obviously not on coke though

Actually I think Bewitched was more re a safe way to address the then very volitale issue of mixed marriage/intergration w out getting too overtly political. She is "just" a cute blonde suburban housewife.