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Daniel Mann/Lana Turner/Nita Talbot

Danny Mann whom Susan Hayward considered the best Director she ever worked with was to me a somewhat suprise choice to direct this Paramount fluffy comedy. Mann who directed Miss Hayward to great glory in I'll Cry Tomorrow and Anna Magnani to an Oscar in the Rose Tatoo was best in serious work, and his career needs a serious review; much underrated Director.

I loved Nita Talbot and so wonderful here, and wish she had a bigger longer career.

PS After the Stompanato murder which WAS one of the great scandals of Hollywood history, Lana Turner made Imitation of Life and regained her postion as one of Hollywood's greatest stars, and made other great soap operas such as Portrait in Black, By Love Possessed, Love Has Many Faces and most impressively
Madame X...she was a great Star and likely a complicatd woman. I believe the
real story of the Stompanato murder is as Cheryl Crane has said, but there have to be a few details that her fabled Mom is dead why not tell all!


This film also made me a big fan of Nita Talbot. She is very likable and has great comedic timing. Liked her in Girl Happy and an episode of the Virginian.