My first Godard

I quite enjoyed it. I'll probably go to Breathless next. (Although I've started that one a few times and never finished for whatever reason.)

Anyway, does anyone know the significance of all the shots of the back of the heads? Is that typical in Godard's films? I know I've seen it in other films, but not to the extent that it was used here. The whole first scene was from the back of the heads, and then later in the movie during one of the scenes, the camera is going from side to side behind Nana's head. Was it signifying the filmmaker trying to get inside the characters' heads? I noticed too, there was a scene where Nana was talking about how it was her decision to turn her head this way or that way, and I thought that was related perhaps. A comment about an actress being an artist working with other artists (directors, writers, and so on) and how much independence any of them might have. And the pimp/prostitute/john relationships in the story being metaphor for the other. Perhaps that's a stretch, I don't know. But it makes the end more interesting (for me) to think of it as such...

I certainly found the camerawork very interesting. A lot of the philosophy went over my head, but there were still some lightbulb moments, like the comparison of the French and German philosophers.


Lucky you. I'm a big fan though I haven't seen most of his work.