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Was this movie parodied on SCTV (1980)?

I believe SCTV may have spoofed or parodied this movie on a 1980 skit. The skit was titled something like, "Doctor Tongue's 3D Stewardesses". In the comedy skit, four lovely, nubile, white stewardesses, all dressed in circa early 60s stewardess uniforms, show up at dracula's (Doctor Tongue) castle. Dr. Tongue's henchman hunchback, Igor, greets the ladies and ushers them inside the castle. Dr. Tongue orders Igor to rip off their uniforms. Igor rips off each woman's realistic but prop uniforms, designed to be easily torn off. The four young screaming ladies are left in their foundation garments, which consist of an uncomfortable-looking one-piece, swimming-suit-like undergarment and thigh-high nylon stockings that are high enough to clip on to the one-piece undergarment itself. Dr. Tongue turns them all into robotic, Stepford wives-like zombies, endlessly repeating their stewardess training to a now greatly bored Dr. Tongue and Igor.