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it has been released on blu-ray. 



personally, I'd rather just buy the DVDs vs. the blu-rays.

I doubt there's that big of a difference in the resolution.

Plus, I don't like the case being ALL BLUE. 

I like the black dvd cases because the blu-ray cases seem to cut off the artwork of the movie itself.




thanks, for your feedback!

I'm sure there's actually a difference between the actual visual between reg. DVDs and Blu=Rays, but personally, I like reg. DVDs better simply because the blu-ray cases ALL look the same & they reduce the size of the actual cover art of the movie.

Plus, as technologically-advanced as reg. DVDs are, I highly doubt the resolution is all that noticeable with blu-ray DVDs.

Most people probably wouldn't even notice a difference just like you mentioned.

Of course you buy a movie for its contents NOT for its artwork on a DVD case, but it just seems like blu-ray DVDs ALL look the same! 



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Well, blu-rays are the ones that get all the bells and whistles, nowadays--just like DVDs used to get. I was a big collector of VHS, and rarely did they have any good supplements. Mostly because we had no way of choosing the supplements to watch! You might get a documentary and/or trailer that ran before the movie, and that's it. DVDs came along, and suddenly there were supplements up the wazoo!

I've noticed that while there are quite a few extras on most blu-rays, a lot of them use the same supplements that are on the regular DVD. And I agree with you about the size.

I think dvds will end up like beta videos--extinct, with blurays replacing plain jane dvds.

I will NEVER forget this man said on a documentary when asked the difference between blura dvds and just reg dvds and he actually said that he thought blu-rays would just be a fad and disappear and just leave DVDs as their replacements. LOL