If any one would like to know how to obtain a DVD of this great film, get in contact.

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you can get it from here, not sure what region it will be though.


He has a box-set available as well...

Its reduced to $60 from $105, bargain !!, i love his movies :)

Nagarik (The Citizen-1952)
Ajantrik (Pathetic Fallacy-1958)
Bari Theke Paliye (Runaway-1959)
Meghe Dhaka Tara (The Cloud Capped Star-1961)
Komal Gandhar (1961)
Subarnarekha (The Golden Line-1962)
Titas Ekti Nadir Naam (A River Named Titas-1973)
Jukti Takko aar gappo (Arguments and a Story-1974)

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Hi there, I hope you're still around and reading this! I'd dearly like to see this film, with English subs, can you help? Regards!


A very late reply I know.. but if you (or anyone else) is looking..

I recently bought a copy from a seller on ioffer at a reasonable price.

If you are not familiar, ioffer is an immitation Ebay. Google it, you will find it. Once there, there is a seller (as of May 2013) with a name like tjbcmx who is selling a copy.

Unlike Ebay, ioffer offer no customer protection.. so if there is a problem, you are on your own.
But I have bought several Dvds from this guy, and they are OK... and so, it seems, is he.
This purchase (like many of you looking I guess) filed a serious gap in my search for 1001 FYMSBYD. In my case, this was number 993. I also bought several other obscurities from him.
Good luck.
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