Distorted Beyond Measure

This film's storyline doesn't let the facts(Biblically speaking)get in the way !

Wow : where to begin ?

Oh,well,i've always been a fan of Granger's and Baker is actually quite good in the role.

However the film's real hi-lites are the 2 beautiful women of the 50's : Pier Angeli and the ever lovely Rossana Podesta !

Yesiree,to be sure;

the locales are intriguing,but it plods terribly and the f/x aren't bad for the times,but,all in all,very disappointing.


I watched this again yesterday. I think the script writer confused the destruction of Sodom with the Exodus. The only part it got right was Mrs Lot being turned into a popular condiment at the end of the film.

The big battle scene reminded a bit of all those 50s and 60s cowboy and indian films my dad used to take me to see. Wouldn't be surprised if some of the footage was recycled.

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