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To Fox Video (or whichever company now holds the commercial distribution rights to make SODOM AND GOMORRAH available to home video customers in (at least) Region 1:

"For GOD'S SAKE, when is the DVD ever going to come out?!?!?"

Fellow enthusiasts:
If you feel like chiming in on this inquiry, or if you share the
sentiment, please hit REPLY to add your endorsement and
feel free to embellish or personalize your statement. Who
knows if it will do any good. It certainly can't do any harm.


I agree, this needs a decent release. I have a Brazilian [I think] DVD of this and it's the 155 min version, but it's not very good and looks like a VHS copy [maybe it is?].


There's a part in mine, somewhere around where the Hebrews are destroying the dam, that it suddenly speeds up. didn't notice it the 1st time I played it. (phone must have rung or something) but it looks as though someone accidently hit the wrong button when duplicating from VHS.

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I totally agree. This is the only early 60s epic that hasn't had a proper DVD release. It's a pretty good film, with an excellent Miklos Rozsa score and should be remastered in 1.85:1 for a 16 x 9 DVD release. Also, when I ran it as a projectionist at the cinema where I worked in 1963, the film had an overture (about four minutes of play-in music before the censor's certificate); intermission and exit music. It would be an added bonus if all these could be restored and added to a proper DVD release. Sodom and Gomorrah was originally given an "X" certificate by the British Board of Film Censors, meaning that no person under the age of 16 years was allowed in a cinema to see it. These days, it would probably be passed with a PG certificate.


Do it, Fox!

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There is an excellent German dvd release -

uncut - widescreen - in English -- no overture but some extras including a trailer --

all codes dvd players cost less than $30 in the US = are worth the investment