Let none make moan!

I saw this movie nearly 40 years ago and never forgot it! How could anyone forget Alboin's unique choice in drinking mugs? Or Rosamunda's reaction?

There is so much to like, not all of it exactly what the movie makers had in mind for an audience to like...as humor. I recall one character who strongly resembled a Byzantine mozaic come to life!

Alboin was a real, historical figure, but how much the movie is rooted in reality beyond that I do not know. The movie's story is based somewhat on Algernon Swinburne's poem telling the tale of the lovebirds Rosamund and Alboin (doesn't everyone know couples like this pair???). The poem contains the unforgettable line, "Let none make moan," after everybody--well, that would be a spoiler.

WHERE O WHERE can I find a copy of this cinematic treasure? I have looked for years. DVD of any region, PAL or NTSC, VCD, NTSC VHS...people have flipped over rocks in Europe and South America for me with no luck.