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Damn I want to see this movie!!

My already unsatiable desire to see Bernardo Bertolucci's early romance just got more hungry after seeing a handful of screenshots....and the black-and-white cinematography by Vittorio Storaro looks absolutely stunning and lush. 1963-di-bernardo-bertolucci/

Does anyone know if there will be a Region-1 DVD release soon, or will I have to cave in and buy a region-free DVD player? C'mon, Criterion!!!!

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It costs a lot but a region-free DVD player is a sound investment. However with Blu-Ray in the market you might want to see your options if it's feasible or not.

The music in this film is by Ennio Morricone and it's one of his best, quite different from what he's known for. As is Partner., Bertolucci's succeeding film. The latter by the way is available on Region 1 and it is a neglected masterpiece.

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