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Why was the Auschwitz scene removed from this movie?

When I first saw this movie many years ago there was a scene (shown after Coward and Pope had been recaptured and before the end scene with them driving the fire engine) where Coward and Pope were sent to Auschwitz.

There was commentary by Coward describing the horrific condition there which were highlighted by black and white drawings of the horror scenes.

Yet when I saw the movie again recently this scene had been completely removed. Anyone know why this was so????



During the opening credits of the Turner Classics version, there was a credit for original hand sketches but no sketches were ever shown during the movie besides the phony bomb sight and escape plans. Certainly no sketches that deserved an opening credit. I had forgotten about the credit until I read this post but the Auschwitz scene must be what it referred to. It definitely seemed like something was cut out at the point you mention between the cattle car and barn; the voice over was almost cutoff when the scene shifted.


The "RG Fahrven" you refer to is IG Farben, the German chemical manufacturer.