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Was The Jet Cage (1962) cancelled out of theaters?

In 1962 Friz Freleng's  Last Tweety Bird Cartoon To Direct was Given Full Credit Of Music To Milt Franklyn During the First Two Minutes of the cartoon Milt Franklyn died from Heart Failure was Conducting the cartoon. Worst That was Possibly be launched in Theaters where David H. DePatie Quickly Hired William Lava To Finnish The Score Starting Where Sylvester Attempeted to catch Tweety with a net. Through Out  1962 and 1963 Lava Became Warner's New Music Director till Warner Bros. Cartoons Studio closed down in 1963. Where in 1964 he Followed Friz Freleng And David H. DePatie to thier new Cartoon Studio DePatie Freleng Enterprises. But Maby the Jet Cage was Canceled out of theaters due to dificulties with the Music.However I am Not Sure If those cartoons where canceled but whop ever is studing about Looney Tunes And Merrie Melodies. I think this was unaproved production and possibly cancelled out of theaters