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How does this movie end?

Can someone tell me how this film ends? The timing was off on my dvr, so I lost the last ten or fifteen minutes. I saw them steal the Goya painting. Do they get away with it? Do Rita and Rex live happily ever after? What happens to the man who was blackmailing them? What happens to the artist who made the copies?


Hi dogsandcats5. Don't know whether you're still itching to know what happened at the end of this film, but as far as I remember the man who was blackmailing Rita and Rex is murdered by some woman (the widow of another character who dies because of the blackmailer). Rex and his accomplice come across the man's body when they're trying to evade capture by the police and are arrested for his murder. Although he's not guilty of the murder, Rex decides to take the fall for the crime after Rita finally loses patience with his thieving ways and warns him she will leave if he doesn't turn over a new leaf.

ItT's quite a while since I saw this film - and it isn't one that is particularly memorable, so I'm sorry if the details are a bit vague.... - cinema has a history