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Why Were They Drugged?

I’m talking about James & Honey, just after they were taken to their quarters in Doctor No’s HQ & just before they got to meet the Dr. himself. The coffee that they were being served was drugged but what I’m asking is why?

After the drug wore off, they proceeded to get dressed to get ready for dinner & the meeting with the Dr like normal even though James, knew what had happened. But again what was the point of it all? They weren’t harmed or restrained in any way, so what was the purpose of the drugging?

To kill some time? Because nothing was on the telly? Because nobody trusted them to be alone for a few hours? For the hell of it? It’s something that I just found strange & a waste of time but maybe someone here has a better take on it.


they were drugged for the lulz


many events in this movie don't make sense, but thinking about them interferes with the fun