interracial coupling

back in the day - Hollywood used to have 2 categories of interracial casting - especially - if kissing was involved

1) the safe one - a white male actor opposite a minority female actress

2) the squeamish one - a white actress opposite a minority - played by a white male actor in makeup

think back - name the early interracial couplings - in movies or tv - which category did the first interracial screen kisses in the modern era fit into - actually - i don't know for sure - but i have my suspicions

in this film - Heston can kiss France Nuyen - but Yvette Mimieux must be cast opposite - ah - James Darren & George Chakiris

its taken awhile - and a new generation has grown to dominate the movie going public - but there is almost no signs of the two categories - altho - i hear echos of it still in other contexts