Movie Locations

Watching this film last night, one scene struck me: an early sequence where Rick Turner, awoken from one of his nightly visions of the mystery woman, finds himself wandering around LA. The perplexed character, played by Robert Alda, dressed in white cardigan, is walking in the center of the frame toward the camera; a vertical neon sign spelling "PARKING" looms above his head in the background. "Some will, stronger than my own, brought me here." Here, is the corner of South Coronado and West Seventh streets, a few blocks from the opening scene at Macarthur Park. After a hard cut, Alda is framed behind a wrought-iron gate. "I've never been here before, yet I wasn’t lost." Two cuts show Alder walking down a lit corridor of small businesses. And with the signal of a dreamy motif, Alda looks over his shoulder to see "her," a voodoo type doll of Bianca Milan--the woman in his dreams. Built in 1924, Garden Court, a courtyard of multiple, 800-square-foot offices, still stands. Number 2534, the exterior of the doll shop, is currently vacant and for rent. A few day exterior shots appear to be on Wilshire. Google Map of the courtyard scene:,-118.282175&spn=0.001195,0.002411&t=h&z=19



"Without mercy, a man is not a human being." Sansho the Bailiff, 1954


Why don't you rent it for nefarious purposes.

Everyone is in the best seat.


good work on the locations - i thought the shop looked like it was a studio location

First Night Sequence
Camera shooting in southeast direction down West 7th Street, as Rick Turner (Robert Alda) walks in center of frame.

Doll Shop/Ceremony scenes
2534 West Seventh Street. Garden Court.

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