Reasons For Alcoholism

I'm going through a situation very similar to plot of this movie, & I'm trying to understand what my ex gf sees in getting loaded all of the time. She started out very casually drinking, but now it's progressed to the point of her personality becoming mean. Subsequently we broke up. I couldn't take the mood swings, & attitude problem she has. It seems like I left a different person than the one I was in love with. All she has left is her booze, & her bar buddies, while I'm heartbroken. I'm trying to make sense of this addiction. Help please! This is a serious question. Sarcastic *beep* need not reply! Thanks.

So why make a life out of booze? What's the hook?


I feel sorry for you, nt, I myself drink quite a bit and the only reason I could really give you is because without drink life seems very boring. My gf left me because of it and I don`t blame her one bit. I`m betting your ex will come back but only because she wants something from you, probably money. Take my advice and move on unless she wants to geniuinely get help. It`s tough to watch someone destroy themselves I know, but It`s really all up to her. Good Luck, [email protected]


Try joining her in her liking of booze. I'm not saying get lost in it, but just try out that lifestyle for a small bit. Then maybe you might have a better understanding of why people get loaded for life.


Join her in the liking of booze? Do you want the guy to live his own version of the movie? If you want to learn more in a safe, responsible manner, attend an Al-Anon meeting so you can learn about alcoholism, how people are affected by it and how to deal with it. Not always easy, but a lot less painful and a lot less risky than jumping into the bottle with your friend.


Why do people drink booze? They do it for the same reasons that people do just about anything. It's fun. It's interesting. It makes you more sexy. You get to hang out with cool people who are just like you. You and your partner can get drunk and have a wild time and you won't have to apologize to anyone, because the first rule of being a drunk is you never have to apologize and you never have to explain.

Alcohol is like a bright, shiny lure that you dangle in front of a fish. The fish loves it and wants it. Soon enough the fish will find out that there's a hook behind the lure, but by that time it's too late.


I really hope that you are being sarcastic!


Worst. advice. ever.


Are you serious?


It might be a physical thing, I think alcoholics process the booze differently than non-alcoholics. Also, it tends to run in families (they've done studies on twins separated at birth to see if it was genetic or learned. There's a definite genetic correlation.) Also, I think there's a higher correlation of alcoholism and diabetes, the body processes alc like sugar. So if a person is a true alcy, they cannot control their drinking, only stop.


i never heard that before. i have to check that out.I know a few diabetics and those that used to drink, but never heard that a diabetic who is an alch. can't control their drinking, just stop. I 5think you might be wrong. Please show me where you read that ok. thanks


I am a recovering alcoholic...11 years sober. It's hard to define alcoholism, because it differs for everyone. I can tell you this, it eventually will come to a point in drinking where you do not drink to get a buzz, because you usually don't. The longer a person drinks and builds up a tolorance to alcohol, the shorter the time of the buzz. Then the alcoholic will drink, not to get drunk, but to not feel sober. It's a miserable existance. To the gentleman with the girlfriend have a couple of choices. You can either walk away or you can try to help her get sober. It will be hard if you choose the latter, but it will be better for her health and may prolong, if not save her life. Contact AA...they can help you a lot. They certaiinly helped me. God Bless and good luck!


I'm going to be politically incorrect and claim that a part of the reason is that the information on alcoholism is misguiding.

In schools and elsewhere people get the wrong concept of alcoholism. They can for instance be told that a person is an alcoholic, if he is caught drunk driving once (i.e. one has to be an alcoholic to be drunk driving), that a three-day weekend is the equivalent of a bender, and so on. In other words, society tries to claim that alcoholism sets in on a much earlier stage than the medicinal sciences acclaim.

This leads to that quite normal social drinkers, who drink perhaps once or twice a week, and overdo it maybe every 2 months by drinking three days in a row, get the idea that they are alcoholics. And hence they think, "hey, it's not that bad", and then they think that they can drink more (they have already become alcoholics, remember?), and eventually get caught in real alcoholism.

By reducing a serious condition as alcoholism to something that one "obtains" after a 3-day drinking event, one diminishes the seriousness of the condition.

If society tells totally normal people that they are alcoholics, they actively contribute to the reason for them to become just that.

As for drunk driving, it's of course extremely wrong, but that's no excuse for society to label drunk drivers "alcoholics". It is VERY possible to drive hammered drunk without being an alcoholic. I'm not defending it, I'm just saying it's wrong to generalize all drunk drivers as alcoholics. It is completely ridiculous to sentence a drunk driver to a rehab for alcoholics, and such sentences are based on a lack of knowledge of what alcoholism really is.

If society hadn't had this urge to pin the label "alcoholic" on everyone who drinks a bit too much, we'd have a lot fewer real alcoholics.


the definition of an alcoholic is this

have you made a decision to not drink for a certain period of time & managed to stick to that decision?

if the answer is no then ask yourself this question

once you started drinking again did you drink more than you set out to drink? answer yes then you are an alcoholic?

my friend ask your ex GF these 2 questions & see what her answer is? she may thus far never tried to stay sober, so wait your time and pick the right moment to ask her!



Read, "Drinking, A Love Story". A great book, the author is dead now though.


dude, go to Al-Anon right away.

when you say, 'i'm trying to make sense out of the addiction', man, you can't do that. there is no sense to be made. it's like trying to make sense out of a forest fire. run to safety or perish!

man, you've seen her start off normal, then after some drinks, she becomes a different person entirely, haven't you? there is no sense to be made of that except to accept that she is an alchoholic, and when she drinks, she is a danger to herself and to anyone who cares for her.

al-anon helps people accept the facts.

good luck, man. 42



"So why make a life outta booze? What's the hook?"

You know what... If you can't understand it, likely no one will be able to give you a satisfactory answer. Alcoholism is like sex. Everyone can explain it to you, and you can think you understand, but you don't really understand it unless you've been there.
Al-anon is just a bunch of people whining about how rough life is to know someone who is going through it. Boo-hoo
I'd steer clear of that pity party.

And to the guy who said that "normal people" who drink once or twice a week and occasionally go on three-day drinking sprees, etc.
I have news for you: AA and all the sheep there will quickly let you know that you just described an alcoholic.
I have been told in AA that ANY regular drinking is Alcoholism.

But the person that said that there is usually an underlying and coupled disease like Bi-Polarism for example, is absolutely right.

Alcohol is escapism, period. Normal people do it to escape the hum-drum of daily life and jobs, etc. Alcoholics do it to escape what otherwise feels like an intolerable existence.

And some do it to silence the voices - but that is another thread.

Bottom line, don't try and understand her, you won't. If you love her, support her and try to work through it with her, if not, move on because alcoholics leave a hell of a path of destruction in their wake.

I would never want to belong to a club that would have someone
like me as a member



onthepipe90210, (the name says a lot about you), couldn't find his but with a funnel.

wendil4501 is almost right, except I'd stay away from the voodoo psychology

Alcoholism is an addiction of the body, and allergy of the brain

An alcoholic, drinks for a number of reasons, usually to forget something in their past, sometimes crap in their present, not all have mood swings, some have been very successful in life without any legal problems. there are several doctors and lawyers, and 1 judge in the group I attend

I've been sober for two years with AAs help. I might have been able to do that on my own but I doubt it.

AA does have a religious bent to it. But in my group there are 4 Hindus, 2 agnostics and 1 atheist. go figure. It's spiritual in nature, choose the higher power that works for you, mine in fact is God, grew up as a very poor/bad Lutheran and haven't run to a church yet and don't plan to.

A Buddhist monk was given the first 164 pages of The Big Book to read, and said the only change He would make was to substitute the word Good for God.

1 is to many, 100 is not enough.

In a world where a carpenter can be resurrected,anything is possible


hear hear.

and if you read the Big Book of AA, you'll find a chapter for atheists. I am a full-blown atheist and have never had a prob with AA. I listen to someone talk about gopd just like i listen and think, Hmm, like those shoes, or ewww, don't like those shoes---you just take what fits you at AA.

It's ok to diss AA, they can handle it. I;m sad the other poster had such a bad time, most meetings I've been to aren't like that.

The thing is, no one forces you to pay, buy anything--if they do, go to another meeting, there's tons. And no one will label you. Repeat: NO one will label you or your drinking. it doesn't matter if you are a weekend warrior or daily drinker or pothead who drinks a few beers every other night...the ONLY requirement for membership in AA is the DESIRE to stop drinking. That's up to you, whether to call yourself an alkie or not.

If u find people are pushy, go to another meeting. If someone suggests you buy some books, say thanks and get them from the library, or read the literature online at imho AA is one of the few things that works for *beep* drinkers. If another poster's g-friend can do it without, well that's awesome and I am happy for her health. There are some of us who would be in jail, psych ward or dead without AA.

take care y'all.