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Opening theme (not the closing theme)

There is a lot of discussion on the closing theme, but nothing about the brilliant opening theme. Let's remedy that...

The opening theme is one of my top 5 favorite SciFi themes. I just can't get enough of it, the main melody is quite simply fantastic. And when the baritone sax kicks in, well it just *rules*. With every episode I watch of this epic series, I listen to the opening theme twice. It captures perfectly the personality of the series.

My sister had the 45 single for Fastest Man Alive in the mid-60s, and the opening theme was on the flip side. The title of the song was Fireball. I remember listening to the rockets blasting off endlessly.

BTW, my top five themes (in no particular order):

1- Fireball XL5
2- Johnny Quest
3- Space: 1999 (1st season funky-disco theme)
4- Cowboy BeBop
5- Star Trek: TOS