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What would have been a good finale?

The B.H. never had a distinct finale, what do you think would have been a good episode to end the series with?

Here's how I think it should have ended:

Elly Mae finally gets married to a good man ~the whole purpose of them going to Beverly Hills to begin with~

Jethro perhaps finds the right woman and gets to do SOME profession he's always dreamed of, but for REAL finally, maybe actually goes to school to be a legit spy, or maybe goes into film making.

Granny finally returns to the Hills to live out the rest of her days in her favorite place, and is reunited with all her old friends.

Jed.... it's hard to say.. He seemed happy anywhere he was. Would he go back with Granny to the Hills or stay in Beverly Hills? Maybe find a wife...who knows?

Drysdale, I'd like to see him go back to being at least SOMEWHAT decent like in the earlier episodes.

Miss Hathaway finally finds romance and perhaps promoted to Vice President of the bank.


Granny passes away. The clan decides to have the funeral back in the Hills, and they all reminisce about the old days. Jed decides to sell his mansion and move back into the Hills; Jethro doesn't want to leave California, but he really has no choice. Elly goes back to liking her critters and has a romance with Eb from Green Acres. Jethro starts a romance with one of the Bradley girls from Petticoat Junction, and that's about it.


I wouldn't really like Granny passing away, I'd like to see her get to be truly happy once more and get to live back in the Hills.