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The Original Caveman or 1Million Years BC?

i can't believe i'm just now seeing this! (thank you late nite original-original "Cavaman" or 1 Million Years BC?!

entertaining and wellmade for such an old "cheesy" classic


This is the first time I've seen it since '61. Barely remembered a frame of it. My eyelids put up a pretty terrific struggle, but I wanted to see it all after so much time.

One Million Years BC was more fun. Valley of the Dragons is pretty dreary. There is one amusing moment for sharp-eyed fans who will get a chuckle when Rodan flies across the screen (courtesy of stock footage).

It was based on Verne's "Off On A Comet," but so many films have used that "two warring tribes" motif that it is almost a sub-genre, in itself.

Antenna tv's idea for a double dino feature with Dinosauraus was a good one, even if neither of them are particularly good. Here's hoping they do a series of them.

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