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'Monihara' the 2nd segment

So, what actually happens in the second segment named 'Monihara, actually?
1. Wife Monimalika takes help of her former paramour (Madhusudan) for returning to her father's home with all the 'stolen' gold ornaments but what actually happens to her/them on that dangerous journey?

> Is Monimalika murdered & looted by Madhusudan on the way?

> Are they both killed & jewelery looted? If so, who did it? The boat-owner/s? Whose service they're availed?

> In the end, the ghost of the husband of Monimalika says to the school master that the story has some factual errors, what did he meant by that actually?

> The story of this segment is interesting but it leaves many questions in-answered which, somehow mares the episode.