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I really want to understand and appreciate this film

I've just watched ''Såsom i en spegel'', and honestly it didn't make me feel that it was an extraordinary film.

I liked the photography, the lighting was amazing, but I think I got lost between the father plot line and Karin's.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying it was bad. I know it wasn't, but I want to know why it didn't catch my eye.

Is it that I am not familiar with swedish culture?


A few questions

Is this your first Bergman film?
Doyou know anyone with a mental illness? Why do you want to appreciate this film?

This is the third Bergman film ive seen as of today 12/20/16. The others being wild strawberries and the silence. I loved wild strawberries, actually watched it three nights in a row to take it all in.. also with commentary to understand it better. The silence I didn't care for as much but did like it for what it was.

My sister has schizophrenia so maybe that brings a higher appreciation and understanding of what this movie pictured. I just got finished watching it before I came to the boards and still need want to read a little into others view and thoughts into the movie.

I'm an athiest by the way so just trying to make sense of what the father was saying there at the end and what Bergman was trying to say.