Does anyone know what the WS screen ratio of this little known ALISTAIR MACLEAN film? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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According to Swedish Film Database (http://www.svenskfilmdatabas.se/) the film's original theatrical aspect ratio was 1,85:1

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"...the film's original theatrical aspect ratio was 1,85:1 "

If that's the case, and I have no reason to doubt it, then it would have been shot with standard spherical lenses and cropped for theatrical release. In this non-anamorphic widescreen films were very often shot "open gate", as opposed to having a hard matte, so that they could be shown full frame on TV without panning and scanning.
That means that there are a lot of copies of films out there which have extra image at the top and bottom of screen that was not considered part of the image proper by the filmmakers - who at the time would always have favoured framing for the cinema rather than TV. (Look for excess headroom and the layout of the opening credits keeping well away from the top and bottom of screen as obvious signs of this)

Long story short: If you see a 4:3 copy of a film of the 1950s or later it might be either pan and scanned - where you aren't seeing part of the picture on either side - or full frame uncropped where you are seeing too much top and bottom.