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Worthwhile for Remick and Odetta

Remick is gorgeous. I'd watch if for no other reason.

Odetta gives a strong performance in her small role.

The story is a bit clunky and doesn't always work. Everyone's inexplicably blase about the death of a child. The parents throw a party following the trial and seem carefree, and the Governor seems equally blithe except an occasional furrowed brow because the victim is his own grandson.

There's a shocking lack of attachment of mother to her infant, particularly when the story concerns her willingness to sever that connection. I realize that Temple is meant to be shallow and uncaring, but she really seems to see her baby as a mere ornament in her life and its loss as a nuisance. It wakens her to her own issues but she doesn't seem particularly to feel any real loss.

Still, some interesting characters and supporting performances.