not very good if

your not a jazz fan

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well I AM, so I think it's fantastic!



It's great to watch when you live in Paris and work in a Jazzclub (even when not as a musician). But Paris has definitely changed since...


I think you probably mean something more like:..."(You won't like it) if *you're* not a jazz fan."--But however you express it I take issue with the sentiment. Unless you are physically repulsed by the sound of jazz (i.e., not necessarily a "fan" but still able to "tolerate" it--and even enjoy it occasionally--for roughly the length of a movie) there is enough of a good story, good acting and atmosphere to make it a pleasing experience.


No jazz fan, but music`s the best part of the deal. The story, on the other hand, ain`t much commanding, the acting by Newman and Poitier less than stellar and the whole thing comes off as awkward and corny. It`s tolerable alright, but that`s about how far it goes.

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This film is full of conflict! Conflict most definitely can be awkward....but seldom do I find it corny. Four different individuals with four different views.......all centered around the theme of music/jazz! So synonamous with the stark, cold and hesitant complexities of the genre itself.

You don't need stellar over the top performances1 in a film like this....just subtlty, an easy approach and slight nuances....really suffices for what the actors were conveying.

Granted...I so understand Sidney Poitier's defense about not going back to America; but my feeling is that if it hadn't been for his passion for his music; he probably would have truly entertained (no pun intended) the thought of returning to America. Not that he couldn't pursue his music in America...he could...but in Paris....he wouldn't be punished for it!

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