Get this out on dvd

...........on my own then.



well it's been out on DVD for a couple of years now, i was gonna look at it around easter two years ago, but i fell asleep, or i stopped it, while watching it. i don't know if it was movie, or if it was just the mood i was in. anyway, i put away the DVD and haven't got around to check it out since.

i heard the sound of a tractor, and there was a smell of cow dirt,
there were people wearing hats, and had mud all over their shirt,
there was countryfolks coming on city ground,
the day the hillbillys took over town,
in an office, there was some fellow in a tie and suit,
some farmer walked in, dug a hole in the ground and turned him into a fruit,
some redneck dragged a guy out of his home, and turned a cowboy out of him,
tore down the highest city building, and there he put down a corn field,
roses was planted in dussins,
some guy named billy bob married his cousin,
the local radio no longer had news, toplists, deluxe or jazz,
and what was rolling at the cinema, i don't need to tell you about that,
it was allowed to stand and pee on the sidewalk, or on the road,
don't come looking for shoe stores, tv stores, becouse it isn't there anymore,
there was countryfolks taking over the city ground,
the day the hillbillys took over town.


My dad got a Jerry Lewis DVD collection and this movie was with it. Actually, we're watching it right now.


The universe may not always play fair, but at least it's got a hell of a sense of humor.