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Why does the greek guy look at Ana when he sings?

In the wedding party, before the yalo-yalo, the musicians go towards a grey clad stud who begins to sing. He then keeps looking at Ana. Was he hitting on her? I'd never hit on any girl who was in the midst of Greg Peck, David Niven and that other young guy. I love my life too much to do that!


7 year old reply, but I'm gonna say, I guess that he wanted to make her happy? Perhaps praising the brides beauty or something like that, wishing her a good life? Perhaps a cheeky fun flirt but nothing more of course.

She reminded me of Mena Suvari (sp?)


I don't think he's looking at Anna in particular -- I think he's looking at the whole group. It is kind of an odd scene, but I assume he, like all of the locals at the café, knows who she is (a resistance fighter, although none of them knows she's in fact working for the Germans), and that these strangers must be friends of some sort. I take his glance at them and his sort of singing to them as a gesture of friendship and appreciation.

But the idea that he's hitting on Anna is kind of silly -- it serves no point and is completely contrary to the tone of the scene. There's no evidence for such conjecture.


There's no evidence for such conjecture.
Have you ever heard of a serenade? It's a form of chivalry, you don't have to be hitting on a pretty girl to sing her a song. Just because he was singing to her exclusively doesn't mean he was trying to get his hole.



Just because he was singing to her exclusively

Where do you get that idea? He is clearly not singing to her exclusively and there is nothing in the scene that indicates that. If he had been it would have been made obvious in the film. Serenading her would serve no purpose to the plot. Not only is this a baseless assumption, it makes no sense in the context of the scene. The whole point of the scene is to show that the people are grateful to the entire group, with no ulterior motives. If this guy was "serenading" anyone it was the whole bunch, not just Anna.

trying to get his hole

"Get his hole"? Right.