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'A Dog's Breakfast' -- movie for dog lovers!

Attention to all dog lovers!!!!
There's a new movie out there that I'm sure everyone will LOVE. For one, the star of the movie, Mars (the dog), is a dog that was taken from an animal shelter where he was scheduled to be destroyed. Now not only is he leading a very happy life somewhere in beautiful Vancouver, but he's also about to become a Hollywood star (but without the stress that some other animal stars go through).
According to the movie's website, "the film is effectively a funny, family, murder film, a little known genre that we’ve dubbed “AirBud with an axe”."

You can check it out (or at least see just how cute Mars is), at , where you can even request a screening of a movie near you.

AND you can see a clip of the show by going here:

Oh yeah... just in case someone is curious about the "human" actors, most of them are of Stargate (SG1 and Atlantis) fame, and the writer itself is David Hewlett, one of Atlantis' stars. You can check THAT out here: