el cid meets the monster

i've always found it incredibly hard to get hooked these epic-four-hour-long-widescreen- kind of movies, and they are often record breaking expensive and fails with the audience and.. critics, but i'm getting a bit off track now, this is not at all the case here i'm guessing, but if you share that opinion about epic flicks it's the same vibe here mixed with sinbad funk but the movie macabre dvd collection has worked on it and made it pleasant. for the title "wild women" on the dvd cover there sure were alot of barechested dudes running around here, looks for a while as you're watching a special interests midnight flick there, quite little feminine presence not that the few ones there are dogs.

at the ship from dry land,
i could tell by the way you waved your hand,
that you weren't sailing back this way again,
why did you have to leave,
this sinking ship at sea,
losing the preserver that kept me afloat,
out at nowhere i keep on row,
as beate waved her hand and left the shore,
i had thrown my flare to the sea,
when suddenly you came back to me,
you are my shipment please don't ever leave,
behind the bouncing waves at sea.


Four hours -- what ship U been sailing on Senor?

Sacred bats don't leave dead ibises under the portrait of the Cabbage of Celestial Increase.