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don't see why this isn't rated higher

it's confounds me.. this movie was pretty decent, so what if it's 3 little short stories, from 13 demon st. i never knew that anyway, and even so, they are meshed so well together , you really can't tell that much,
works for me


I really enjoyed it too. I was hoping for a longer movie, even.

"I'd say this cloud is Cumulo Nimbus."
"Didn't he discover America?"
"Penfold, shush."


I watched this tonight without having any high expectations and was surprised to discover that it's actually quite good. The last two stories gave me the willies! I don't understand why it's rated so poorly either.

I liked the movie enough that I'd like to get hold of the series it was stitched together from. Anyone know if those are available?

The only thing I didn't like was the ending, which was rather stupid. I hate to break it to the commie who wrote that ending, but man has had enough nukes to blow the world up 1000 times over for the 5 decades since this movie came out and he hasn't reduced the planet to cinders yet. Maybe, just maybe, the men who have their fingers on "the button" aren't as crazy, reckless, or stupid as Hollywood peaceniks make them out to be.


I'm nursing a fairly bad cold lately, so being bed-ridden yesterday, I decided to look for a movie to watch from my pile of DVDs. From a public domain collection I saw "Devil's Messenger" with Lon Chaney Jr. in there, so I decided to watch it.

I liked it quite a bit. I think it's just as good as the Hammer/Amicus horror anthology movies from approximately the same era. I found it to be very creepy and atmospheric, and I liked the way the three stories all tied in with Chaney's "Devil" character and the woman who had committed suicide. I understand that the 3 stories were originally filmed a a television series.

As for the anti-nuclear proliferation message at the end, I actually found it quite humorous. It was certainly political, but so topical for the times and it brought a grin to my face.



The disparity in ratings between feature films and TV shows is strange. This movie is a three episode sequence from '13 Demon Street.' So you would think it should have roughly the same rating as each other. Or perhaps higher for the feature film because they've lifted the three best episodes from the series. But no. This film has currently got a 4.7 rating on IMDb whereas the series is significantly higher at 6.2.