restored 2014 BFI dvd is great.

Treated myself to the fairly new BFI restored dvd of this film.

It looks and sounds great.

If you know and like the film it is worth getting.
It has director commentary and linked extras such as scary civil defence training films.

I have seen the film lots of times but I forgot how good it was.

The film does a lot with a small budget.

Seeing it properly rather than on tv I am struck by a few things,the whole story is focussed on the newspaper angle,similar films would have the story from the viewpoint of the president or a general or whatever.

I like Jeannie's flat,it looks expensive for someone in a job like her's?

I like the way the script is clever and there is a scene where they mention various famous British scientists by name,in 1961 they assume viewers will know that they are.


The Blu-ray (upscaled to 4K) is even better. Stunningly sharp picture!


what a great idea, are all the extra Janet Munro bit on that dvd?