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Why she rejected Joe, My thoughts

If the woman whom loved her would not get Karen then the same for the guy whom loved her. Her excuse for not marrying Joe made no sense to me. He was kind and really loved her just as Martha did. This is why her rejecting him made no real connection to viewers. There breakup scene was hard to write because when it is forced to only try and prove no one will get Karen it rang hollow. It really was not needed to show she will not accept him because she lost her best friend whom loved her also.

The same thing probably would have happened if Joe committed suicide. She would not have left with Martha either. I Don't understand why some writers like for people to be alone after losing someone.


I'm not sure Joe really loved her all that much. When they go out in the car at the very beginning, Karen asks him if he feels in love. He doesn't answer. He does say he's tired of other people's children (as a doctor). And implies that he's sexually frustrated. Then when Karen says, let's have a baby 12 months from now, he kisses her. And SHE says she loves him-- that's where the scene ends.

Joe was not devoted to her with the same intensity that Martha was.


They were two different people, she got love from both parties one died whom I thought she would have never committed fully to the other she made up faults from him. In both people the commitment would have not brought her happiness and neither will being alone.