Kubrick Love

I saw this on the BBC2 the other night...and as much as my eyes resisted, I just about managed to stay awake. I really did think it was fantastic- how your sympathies change throughout the film...also, that we never think that the else should be hanged for his crime. For some bizarre reason I kept thinking of A Clockwork Orange, and the sinister sound that permeates through the whole of Space Odyssey...even though it is much more kitchen sink that downright strange.


Speaking of Kubrick, did you notice Patrick Magee, playing one of the boy's fathers?

This is the fellow who has a very memorable role in A Clockwork Orange, the insane writer- "FOOOD ALLLLRIIIIGGGGHHHT?"

Probably just a coincidence, seeing as The Boys was made first.. Maybe there was a very limited number of British actors back then or something...

"Oh, it's more than a hobby. A hobby should pass the time, not fill it."


I just watched it and I found myself thinking exactly the same thing - I think it was Sutton's delivery that did it, he sounds very much like Malcolm McDowell as Alex.