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Now available! KZ's Baron on DVD with Good Quality English subtitles

Great news -
The Baron has just been officially released in Czech Republic -
as from 9th January 2013.

It is from the original film elements & apparently has proper good quality
English subtitles ( & the original Czech language audio )-
both the digital film transfer ( not clear if its also been restored )
& the translation have been supervised by KZ's daughter Ludmilla:

This should mean a very high quality DVD hopefully!
I haven't seen it yet ( am just ordering it now ) but it sounds highly promising as its released in conjunction
with the new ( as of 6th October 2012 ) Karel Zeman Museum in Prague
( & it looks like a huge amount of work has gone into that project - & hopefully into the DVD presentations too ).

They have already released Journey To The Beginning of Time
& Fabulous World Of Jules Verne on DVD in the last 2 months ( I'm ordering these too ) -
all with English subtitles - & they plan to release all his films
(so maybe even the 3 Prokouk shorts - which were not in the Japanese dvds of awhile back - might be released??! )
Hopefully everything will continue to have English subs.

Their website is: & they're also on facebook as 'Karel Zeman Museum'
( the museum looks amazing in the photos )

the DVDs each cost 129CZK which = approx �4.40GBP / US$7.11 / 5.33 Euros -
ie at today's exchange rate.
Plus postage for all 3 - to the U.K. - of about �5GBP.

At the moment bank transfer is the only payment method ( they hope to change this in time ):
This is a rather complicated procedure & added on another �13GBP to my order cost
( this was a charge for the transfer by my bank ):

However the total cost for the 3 ( including the bank charge ) was still at least �15GBP cheaper than if I'd ordered them from the cheapest seller of these editions on ebay -
so, good value & the Museum person was very helpful about the order.
So best to get them direct!

[ Update:
Since the latter part of 2013 the Museum has been able to process payments via Paypal - see my further post in this thread below ]


I visited the Museum Website. I do commend its offerings (and I'm told Prague's a great place to visit). However, you need a multi-region player, not all (actually, just one) DVD says it has English subtitles, a multi-DVD set that I'd truly want is not yet available, and the payment method isn't the clearest. I'll await the report of a successful test-drive, even if it's only mine after I ratchet up the nerve.



All the DVDs so far released by the KZ Museum definitely have - excellent - English subtitles ( ie as of May 18th 2014: Baron Prasil, Journey To... , Fabulous World Of... , Krabat, & The Stolen Airship. )

I have bought all 5 direct from the Museum & viewed them using these subtitles.
( Having just checked it does also state that English subtitles are present on all their DVDs at the Museum site ).

Anyway great subtitles, sound very good, & excellent picture - although the picture is best on the 3 most famous works.
Apparently they aren't fully restored as such but transferred from either good quality 1st-generation prints or possibly the original negatives.
The only restoration is regrading of the colour to make that aspect look as accurate to what KZ intended for their original cinema release, as possible.

The most famous 3 ( Baron, Journey..., Fabulous World... ) are also now available on a 1-disc Blu-ray from the Museum which is slightly better - especially Journey which has a bit more of the edge of the picture visible
( the difference is small - don't worry the DVD versions are in the original aspect ratios;
although don't buy if you don't have a digital TV as on an analogue set the picture ratio comes out completely wrong - a silly encoding error see the dvdfreak site mentioned below for more detail.
Don't worry though - the films WILL play perfectly on a digital TV ).

For a lot more detailed - & very helpful - analysis of the picture / sound & transfer of this & other editions of these films, google 'dvdfreak baron prasil';
the top search result should be a link taking you to the website of 'dvdfreak' which is a great site indeed & covers all the KZ Museum film releases:

The person there knows what they're talking about & says these Museum versions are the best versions which have ever been made available to date
( I've seen several versions of each film also & with regard to those I fully agree ):

Except - as Dvdfreak points out - in the case of 'Baron Prasil'; where apparently a version broadcast on a Slovakian TV station in HD a while back is better still ( the digital transfer is done better so there is a bit more detail. I haven't seen that version myself but dvdfreak demonstrates the difference conclusively ).

One thing they do point out - & is very true - is that the KZ Museum edition of Fabulous World.. is a very noticeable jump up in picture quality from all previous editions
( picture wise the best previous one being the Japanese DVD release of some time ago ):

The KZ Museum version really is much clearer & cleaner ( but still with a bit of natural grain as is right ) - incredibly beautiful in its detail.
Baron / Journey..are also visibly better too ( ie with reference to their Japanese release etc ) but not to such an extent as with Fabulous...

Payment methods at the Museum have improved a lot in the last year or so - payment can now be done via Paypal;
though you have to first email your order ( ie what items you want, which country you're in, & stating that you want to use Paypal ) to the Museum who then send ( immediately when I ordered ) a Paypal invoice.
It is a fairly simple procedure now.

Hope this is all of some help to johcafra & anyone else reading!


I have found an English dubbed version on the Internet. A very bad quality though. It was dubbed with a strong British accent and English, but apparently this movie seems to have been made with English sound too at some point. Does anyone know if there is a chance of buying this movie in English language in a good quality?