Totally Blew me away

When I first saw this about 1982 on a big screen in an "experimental film" festival in Toronto, I was completely mesmerized and immersed in the total sensory onslaught of this experience.

It was as if I had been taken out of the theatre and thrown in another dimension.
sitting with my head resting back on my seat, the images and sound engulfed my full range of sight and hearing.

I know how this will sound to some, but it was almost like a religious experience. ..or a "trip" without tangible drugs.

I can't praise it enough.

When I ordered the DVD of Belsons work , several months ago, I was dissapointed to a significant extent, since the film suffers greatly on a small 24 inch screen.

This definitely needs to be seen on a large screen (and preferably seated close) ) to be fully appreciated.


Indeed. I've just watched it on my laptop and the experience was intense, I can only imagine how much more immersive it must be in a theatre. It's amazing that such fluid, verstile animation was achievable in 1961. And the score is equal to it.