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I like it but the same plots again and again.

I bought the boxed set a few weeks ago and am working my way through it.
I have reached the colour Emma Peel episodes.

I have enjoyed the boxed set as a whole.

Some episodes are great,some are awful.
I don't like Emma's costumes in the later series,they are uninteresting.

But my only negative issue is the lack of original plots,the show as a whole steals plots from itself,never mind elsewhere,so we get several plots about killer butlers or killer secretaries and one on killer nannies,there are at least 2 plots about railways.

I admire the quality of the shows,the often excellent guest stars and the 2 leads but did nobody ever say let us have an original plot this time?


Those were different times. You didn't record them or binge watch them. You could maybe watch it once more after the first time on a re-run, but that was it.

People just watched this for a bit excitement once a week. Most shows were rather similar in this respect.